Shark Liver Oil UK

Shark Liver Oil

Squalene Shark Liver Oil
Shark Liver Oil acts as an arbitrator in the biosynthesis of cholesterol and is an oily substance that helps deliver oxygen to the cell tissues .....
Our Shark Liver Oil Extract from Shark Liver Oil UK is extracted to full pharmaceutical "Good Manufacturing Practice" as affirmed by the New Zealand Ministry of Healthiness.
The manufacturer is committed to using sustainable resources and the product is GM free, and does not contain wheat, gluten, milk derivatives, yeast, sugar, corn starch, colour, flavour or preservatives.

Shark Liver Oil contained in the Shark Liver Oil Squalene Capsules is created from the pure blue waters of the South Pacific that encircle New Zealand. This product is a "renewable resource". New Zealand has long held a very powerful environmental stance, often in the face of pressure from other countries such as Japan and the US. New Zealand has steadfastly stayed Nuclear-free and GE-free. Also, farming, harvesting and fishing is strictly regimented by government agencies. Quotas are closely monitored by independent agencies. Furthermore, the New Zealand Healthiness Product industry is one of the most controlled and regulated in the Western World. Manufacturing premises are on regular basis audited and subsequently licensed by the New Zealand Ministry of Fitness. Any claims made on the labels or promotional material associated with Fitness Merchandise must be accurate to avoid censure and possible prosecution.

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